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Children and teens can experience several injuries and conditions that affect the health, function, and development of their feet and ankles. At Family Foot Care in Berkeley Heights and Hackettstown, New Jersey, Gary Quartello, DPM, a board-certified podiatrist with 30 years of experience, provides patient-centered pediatric foot care. He offers many in-office diagnostics and effective treatments to restore your child’s foot or ankle health. To book a visit, call or use the online scheduling tool.

Pediatric Foot Care Q&A

What are some common pediatric foot problems?

Common pediatric foot conditions include:

Plantar warts

Plantar warts are small, fleshy growths that typically develop on the bottom of the foot and heel. Plantar warts are a type of infection caused by a certain type of human papillomavirus (HPV). Although plantar warts can be uncomfortable and unsightly, they’re fairly harmless. 

Children and teens are at a higher risk of developing plantar warts. The strain of HPV that causes plantar warts thrives in moist, warm environments. Your child may pick up the virus at a public swimming pool, gym, or school locker room. 

Gait abnormalities

Although crawling, stumbling, and short steps are perfectly normal, children typically show signs of an adult-like walking pattern around age three. If you notice your child isn’t developing a normal walking pattern for their age group, they may be suffering from a gait abnormality. 

Gait abnormalities can cause several issues with your child’s walking, like in-toeing and out-toeing. A number of problems can cause gait abnormalities, including flat feet, clubfoot, cavus foot, bowlegs, knock knees, injuries, tibial torsion, and femoral torsion. 

Skin rash

Sweaty socks and active feet can spell trouble for your child’s skin. The feet and ankles are at risk for several different skin rashes, including:

  • Athlete’s foot
  • Erythrasma
  • Scabies
  • Cutaneous larva migrans (sandworms)
  • Sweaty sock syndrome (juvenile plantar dermatosis)

Children experience exposure to some of the same skin conditions that affect adults. If you notice a rash or symptoms like blisters, raw skin, or itchiness, Dr. Quartello at Family Foot Care can determine the most effective pediatric foot care treatment for your child’s condition. 

What should I expect during a pediatric foot care visit?

Your child requires the care of a specialist like Dr. Quartello to ensure they receive the right diagnosis and treatment for their developing feet and ankles. During your child's appointment, Dr. Quartello performs a thorough evaluation, which includes a physical exam and discussion of your child's symptoms and medical history. 

Dr. Quartello offers a number of advanced diagnostics like onsite X-rays. Once your child has a diagnosis, Dr. Quartello works with you to determine the most effective treatment plan. 

What are the available pediatric foot care treatments?

Pediatric foot care treatment depends on your child’s diagnosis. For example, treatment for plantar warts or skin rashes may include:

  • Peeling medication
  • Antifungal medication
  • Topical cream
  • Keeping the feet dry

If your child suffers from a gait abnormality, treatment may include physical therapy, corrective leg braces, orthotics, or special shoes. In some cases, your child may need surgery to correct their gait abnormality. 

Dr. Quartello also offers treatment for injuries and deformities. He has over 30 years of experience helping patients maintain their foot health and mobility. 

To schedule a pediatric foot care visit, call Family Foot Care, or book online today.